3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games for Mobile Devices

Ever since the WoW has come onto scenes, MMORPG has been a popular video games genre from all around the world. There are many shades and flavors of MMORPG, with different focus and themes that attempt to make the games unique in its own right. With so many free Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games on the market, it is important for the game to offer something new to stay in this competitive space.

Even incorporating established brands into the equation is not always the answer. Duke of Mount Deer, developed by Changyou, was a martial arts MMORPG with a unique twist to the genre. However, due to overwhelming costs of development and non-viability in the market, the project folded and gamers can no longer experience an MMORPG in the universe of Duke of Mount Deer.

It’s hard to stay constantly innovative in a game industry where its cutthroat and everyone is trying to out-copy each other. Simply being technically playable with minimal errors and crashes are a feat itself on mobile devices like Android and Apple iPhones. Especially with Android platforms, we’re witnessing how hard it is to make the MMORPG games compatible with different versions of devices.


Graphics are one way the MMORPG can stand out amongst its competitors. Avabel Online, available on both Android and iOS, features one of the best graphics to feast your eyes on. Rendered in full 3D graphics, Avabel Online can accommodate up to 1,000 players in an area with players attacking and casting spells with minimal performance hits. The controls can be a bit tricky and awkward playing it on smartphone, which it is designed for, so it gets a thumb down on that aspect. However, for graphics alone, Avabel Online is a beautiful MMO that are pure eyecandy.

Immersive World

MMORPGs are so popular because of how immersive the experience can be. Unlike traditional games with stale and dumb AI of computer opponents, MMO brings the unpredictability of human players into the play. Order & Chaos Online is just that kind of game to play to experience this first hand. Sure, it looks like a cheap World of Warcraft knockoff but that is actually a good thing.

Because the graphics are low-end and optimized for smartphones, the game runs very well on iPhones and Android phones alike. All you have left to do is create your hero and enjoy leveling up and upgrading through this massive world of lore’s and legends. Order & Chaos Online used to be a paid game but has been converted to a free-to-play mode.


With over 17 million downloads and picked as one of the 10 best games for Smartphone by Kotaku, Arcane Legends is an action packed MMORPG available for mobile phones, both Android and Apple iOS. Arcane Legends does not pretend to be what it’s not, which is WoW clone for many games in this genre on mobile platforms. It is all about loots and gears, and if you’ve played Diablo before, then you will be getting into this game in on time.

Arcane Legends has one of the best controls for a game of this kind and you will need it the way you will have to hack and slash your way in this dungeon crawler. You have access to 3 classes and hundreds of ways to customize your characters with skills, spells, weapons, and other equipment. It is mostly a PvE type of game but if you ever get bored of that, it also has a fully functioning PvP options for those that love to get in on Player vs Player actions.

Source: mmorpg.com/games-list

Clash Royale Sold Just After Release

Just a month after the global launch of Clash Royale, Supercell got 84% acquired by one of the most famous Chinese internet giants, Tencent. The company spent about 8.57 billion dollars to complete the seventh largest acquisition done by a Chinese company (the largest one was ChemChina’s 46.7 billion dollars deal for Syngenta). The deal valued Supercell at 10.2 billion dollars.

Source: clashroyaletips.net

Mobile Strike Leveling Up On-Demand With Secret Tools

To speak on the topic of customization, there are several various actions, objects and strategies that can be found within Mobile Strike that are able to be user customized. The types of troops and defenses you use when doing battle with other players are decided by you, the user, and can be mixed and mingled in any way that you choose!

Mobile Strike also allows you to level up and train the various types of soldiers and defenses you have at your disposal, with sixteen different troops or defenses in total. Forming a strategy concerning what troops and defenses work the best for you can give you an upper hand when taking on an opposing player.

Mobile Strike hack has proven to be one of the highest grossing mobile apps since summer 2015 and continues to hold a very popular role among mobile app culture. With the fusion of competition, customization and strategy all in one, Mobile Strike has become a favorite within the mobile game community. If you haven’t played Mobile Strike yet, what are you waiting for?!

Get the Most Out of Your Battle Shards – Star Wars GoH

There are tons of mods available for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes in 2017 but is can be confusing to know which one to start with. The first and the most popular mods you can use it for Chewbaca. This fun little character is a ranged-attacker with brute strength only a few Jedi Knights can counter.

With the mods, Chewbaca can become a terror on the battlefields, especially when conducting credits heist. By performing Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes credits heist, you forgo the option of using any cheating to accomplish your goals.

Battle shards can be rare to farm when you are low levels, so try to maximize your raid rewards to get them. By removing the turn meter with right characters like Boba Fett, you can be sure that your team is on the tip-top shape that you can only monitor with hawk’s eyes.

Cantina battle rewards is a great resource to know where and how to get the right type of shards for your purpose. Using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes credits cheats is flavor of the month in 2017, but why not try to do it the right way without using any hacks?

Little Known Trick that will explode your bank account in Virtual Families 2

Grow your family and have more children and take care of them since the moment they are born since they die. You are able to encourage their careers and choose the one that fits best for them or fits best for you income wise. However every time you forget to check on them they start missing you and become sad and if more time passes by they will become more sad and sometimes die, so make sure to look after them.

  • Itunes store rating: 4 1/2 stars
  • Android store rating: 4.1
  • System Requirements: ios: 7.0 or later
  • Android: varies with each device

Career is a big thing in Virtual Families. That is the avenue which the characters can further their skills as well as earn money which can fund your family’s lifestyle. For adults, going to workplace is a common daily activity and to maximize all of that, target a career that will give you as much money as possible.